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I’m Marcus, and I’m a Certified Nutritionist, and now Owner of NewBee Nutrition.


Here's me at my graduation, picking up my certificate from Martin MacDonald.

Becoming qualified, and setting up NewBee Nutrition, has been the culmination of a journey for me in terms of my knowledge about nutrition.

I started as a vegetarian until the age of about 16.

Then I started eating meat, but I still didn’t have a clue about nutrition, and was pretty skinny, and pretty unhealthy, until the age of about 21.

At which point one of my mates tried to set me up with some girls.

Their feedback?

‘Yeah he’s alright, but he’s a bit skinny isn’t he’.

So I thought – I’m doing something about this.


It was at this point that I got into the gym, and started trying to eat more healthily and looking for better information about nutrition.


When I first started on that path I was still pretty confused about what to eat for my health, and what to eat for my body composition (at that time, I was trying to gain some muscle).


So that started me on this journey, which has mainly consisted of making some mistakes with my own nutrition.


Eating clean, eating paleo, pouring coconut oil on everything, or just eating burgers trying to get massive.

I had some initial success.

Made some ‘newbie gains’ (see below).

But I was still eating very clean for a lot of the time, and felt very restricted psychologically, afraid of eating ‘bad’ foods.


At the weekends, when I’d play football, this mentality morphed into binging behaviour.


Tash (my fiancé) can attest to this.


I’d have these evenings where it would be pizza, and a tub of ice cream, and a bag of Twirl bites, and possibly some sweets.


I’d heard of people like The Rock having ‘cheat days’ and thought this was okay.


But I’d feel so bad that I would be massively restrictive again during the week.


So I was going through these cycles, and not really getting anywhere.


But I persevered, and started to learn where to find reliable sources of information (not celebrities).


I started to want to learn more about nutrition, and ended up taking a formal qualification through MNU.


One of the first things they get you to do on MNU is talk about your own biases, and I definitely came into that process with a bit of a bias towards clean eating.


As I went through the course, and went through the research, I realised that you can (mostly) eat what you want, provided a few basic principles are adhered to.


I passed with Distinction as an MNU Certified Nutritionist.


My health improved, my body composition improved, but also my relationship with food improved.


I was less worried about eating ‘bad’ foods.


There are no such thing as bad foods, only bad diets and lifestyles.

NewBee Nutrition is about helping others to realise this, and to design their own diet.


The Healthy Planet Project is about doing all of that in an environmentally sustainable way so that your ‘planet conscience’ is clear.

Knutsford, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom

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