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What qualifies you to give workplace wellness advice to our employees?

I am an MNU Certified Nutritionist.

Working under the guidance of Martin MacDonald, an internationally renowned Clinical Performance Nutritionist and founder of Mac-Nutrition and MNU, I have learned from the very best the industry has to offer. The MNU course has become the world-leading nutrition course for practical application to individuals and populations, outstripping more traditional qualifications such as ISSN and degree courses in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition.  

I specialise in Corporate Wellness, having come from a corporate background and transitioned into running a full time nutrition business. I now work with both individuals and organisations on achieving optimal health, weight loss, sports performance and workplace wellness.

My philosophy for NewBee Nutrition is to unpack scientific research and dispel mainstream dogma in order to deliver accurate and trustworthy information in a practical, interactive and engaging way.

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How can my employees benefit?

We have a number of packages available with additional benefits for each, but as a bare minimum, your employees will benefit from:


              - Re-education, debunking of common myths

              - Knowledge of the principles, from which all personalised nutrition methods are formed

              - Information on energy balance and optimal foods for health, cognition

              - Evidence-based information on foods to avoid or limit

              - Techniques for choosing lunch and snacks from local establishments

              - Motivation, empowerment to make real life changes

How will my business benefit?

A workplace with happy, healthy employees is a better workplace. A better workplace facilitates better business. Employers who encourage health in the workplace not only experience the business benefits from a better workforce, but also are more likely to retain staff, and increase their business’ reputation in the process.

We specialise in creating workforces that have more energy, are more productive, and take fewer sick days. 

Our blog post on the economic costs of obesity and preventable ill health goes into further detail on this topic.


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Do you offer individual support for employees?

Yes. Depending on the level of service chosen, we can offer organisation-wide presentations and information, as well as individual employee assessments and consultations should you so wish.

Employees can also choose to become individual nutrition clients, and we often run challenges and group support programmes within organisations.

Apply for Help, and  we can discuss what level of service you are looking for.


Can’t we just advise our employees to follow government eating guidelines?

Unfortunately, guideline-based approaches to public health lack efficacy, and do not make lasting impact on the health of individuals.

At NewBee Nutrition, we do not use out-dated, mainstream public health information that is ineffective, though it would be very easy to deliver. We only give advice that is guaranteed to have an impact on your employees.



We already have a Corporate Wellness Programme in place – do we need you as well?

We are more than happy to discuss what your current Corporate Wellness programme looks like, and how nutrition can play a part in this. Please get in touch to discuss further.

What if my question is not listed above?

You can ask a question in 140 characters or less via the homepage.


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