• Marcus Baxby

Boris and the 'War on Fat'

So, Boris has declared a ‘war on fat’.

A pretty strange phrase when you think about it.

War on fat.

People’s bodies have fat.

Some more than others.

Fat is not some malevolent creature, swooping round in a hooded cape and attaching itself to people.

So declaring ‘war on fat’ suggests that we are fighting against something that is out to get us.

But you know, it’s Boris.

Even the encouragement of a nation to be healthier has to have some sort of Churchillian rhetoric behind it.

While the methods are debatable, the general idea of people being in good health is to be encouraged.

Early research indicates that those with obesity are more likely to die from Coronavirus.

Boris, at 5 ft 9 and 111kg, is in the ‘obese’ category himself, and his recent brush with COVID-19 is likely what has triggered his push to get the nation healthier.

Personally, I think education around calories and energy balance would have a better result than taxing sugary drinks.

And perhaps some legislation to stop people being lied to and misled.

However, what is clear is that prioritising your own health has never been more important.

Health seeking individuals will be at the lowest risk of fatality.

And for an overweight or obese person, losing weight is the most important and impactful thing that that person can do for their health.

Even if you’re not overweight or obese, you can still improve your health massively through nutrition.

Sounds like I’m in the right profession.

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