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Conspiracy, or listen to scientists?

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

As the school-avoiding Swede Greta Thunberg said last week, now is a good time to listen to scientists.

The strong global response to Covid-19 has demonstrated how quickly change can happen when humanity comes together and acts on the advice of scientists.

However, there are still those that prefer a conspiracy.

Ooo 5G.

Putting up towers at roughly the same time as a global pandemic.


A tin foil hat, earlier

Well, yes actually.

Just because two things happen at around about the same time, doesn’t mean that one causes the other.

Like cutting out carbs and fat loss.

It’s not the carbs that were the issue, as we know.

It’s the fact that overall calories were reduced.

In fact, that’s a bad analogy.

Because at least the carbs are incidental to the fat loss occurring, even if they’re not the underlying mechanism.

There are a few other analogies I like to use when demonstrating this principle, that correlation does not equal causation.

Like when a house sets on fire.

And you notice that every time there’s a fire, there always seems to be a fire engine there.

You put two and two together

And conclude that fire engines cause fires.

Just because two things happen, doesn’t mean that one causes the other.

But again,

This is probably a bad analogy in this instance

Because at least the fire engine is related to the fire in some way.

Unlike 5G and Covid.

That would be like seeing a fire,

Hearing a dog barking in a nearby garden

And concluding that the fucking dog caused the fire.

But, you know

Some people just love a conspiracy.

For normal people, however, the scientific method is helpful for understanding things.

It’s the way that we know how fat loss works.

It’s the way that we can predict how a virus will spread, and co-ordinate a global response to alleviate pressure on the health care system as much as possible.

It’s also, as Greta pointed out, how we know how climate change works, and how we can work together to mitigate it.

Our diet is one of the ways we can mitigate our personal impact on the planet.

You can learn how to do so with the Healthy Planet Project.

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