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Does the Skinny Jab actually work?

It’s a shame that I keep having to do this, but today I want to talk about another ‘miracle’ fat loss treatment that is being promoted by ‘celebrities’ By ‘celebrities’, I mean Kerry Katona and Gemma Collins off TOWIE. So that probably gives you a clue where I’m going with this.

It’s the Skinny Jab.

The ‘secret’ behind the recent weight loss of both women.

The injection that supposedly prevents hunger, and stops sugar cravings

thereby stopping them both eating so fucking much.

So… does it work?

Before I just say "no" without any context/information

When you search for ingredients on any page, you don’t get far, none of the FAQs actually mention what’s inside the injection, they just claim to "stop sugar cravings" and "get rid of hunger"

This is automatically a red flag for me.

Upon further digging you can find more information.

The active ingredient commonly used is either liraglutide or saxenda.

Both of which are used as blood sugar stabilisers and have been shown to lower appetite based on some people's feedback.

However, in terms of effectiveness, both are only effective alongside weight management programs and exercise (funny that).

So although the meds will work in stabilising blood sugar (which will help with cravings and will help if you’re pre-diabetic or even diabetic), it won’t help by itself and it won’t help you change your habits or behaviours.

I teach my clients to manage their hunger effectively, as they will testify.

Without spending £250 per month (minimum) on the skinny jab.

So don’t do it.

Don’t fall victim to the tabloid hype, or the ‘one weird trick’ that elicited fat loss for a minor-league celeb.

You’re much better off spending your money on someone qualified to actually help you change your habits and behaviours.

And if someone you know mentions the skinny jab, feel free to forward them this blog.

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