• Marcus Baxby

Idiots and Liars

Sometimes, no matter how many times you ask a person to do something, and explain the reasons for doing it, they still do the opposite.

Either out of spite, of stupidity, or of slavery to their old ways of doing things.

The obvious example at the moment is social distancing.

It has been explained quite clearly that, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19,

and to prevent the NHS falling over through unmanageable demand on hospital beds and services,

we must refrain from socialising with anyone other than the people we’re living with, and remain 2m apart in the few situations that we are out of our homes (like shopping for food, or walking/running outside).

Yet still people are going out.

Gathering in parks.

Proudly posting on their Instagram what a good son/grandson they are for going to visit their Mum and their Nan on Mother’s Day.

Crowding shopping centres and high streets over the weekend.

Most pubs and restaurants were busy on Friday, even though people had been told to stay away.

So they were forced to close (arguably they should have closed before that, but that’s a different discussion).

If people continue to flout the guidelines, we will end up in full lockdown.

As in

Don’t leave your house.

Don’t go running.

And certainly don’t visit your fucking Nan.

Fun. 🤥

As a nutritionist, I’m often faced with people not doing what they’re told.

They’ve lied on a food diary

Or they’ve eaten their meal but then binged later on,

Or they’ve otherwise not stuck to what they’ve been asked to do.

But there’s a difference here

The first place I look when something like this happens in my nutrition practice

Is at myself.

Have I set them something that is unrealistic?

Do I need to change things for them

What can I do to help.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes they’ve just straight-up lied to my face

(even while paying me money to help them, which I still find bizarre)

but sometimes, it is my fault not theirs.

So a couple of take home points here.

a. If you’re my client, I’ll try and make things as realistic as possible so that you can adhere to it

b. Don’t be an idiot and visit your nan – stay indoors for the safety of everyone else during this difficult time.

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