• Marcus Baxby

Is Overeating an Emotional problem?

Something that has a big impact, both on your body composition and your impact on the planet, is how much you eat.

Not overeating.

That sounds obvious.

And it is.

But there are still huge numbers of overweight or obese people, and huge numbers of people that are putting on weight due to overeating.

We know that overeating is a problem.

And once people realise, that in order to lose weight, they don’t need to do anything ‘magical’,

they realise that they just need to stop over-consuming calories.

So if most people understand what they need to do, why don’t more people get results?

Sometimes it is a lack of knowledge.

But more often than not, it’s not an information problem

It’s an emotional problem.

People enjoy feeling good short term.

They seek out pleasure, and avoid pain.

It’s the most basic of human instincts, which we rely on as infants to navigate the world.

Don’t touch that, it’s sharp.

Cuddles feel nice.

That’s hot – it hurts.

This biscuit tastes amazing.


Left to their own devices, children would (and will) spend the whole time eating what tastes the nicest.

And in the modern food environment, those foods tend to be the ones that are engineered to appeal to our taste buds

The hyper-palatable combinations of carbs, fats, salt and or sugar.

Which also happen to be high in calories, and – you guessed it

Easy to overeat.

The longer we humour these pleasure-seeking instincts

The easier it becomes to overeat,

And the harder it becomes to lose the fat that you have spent years accumulating.

There is a level of discipline that is required when losing fat

Short term ‘pain’ if you will.

But the rewards are long term

Better health, better movement, better life.

Short term pain, long term gain.

I’m here to help you achieve that.


Knutsford, Cheshire, England, United Kingdom

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