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Nutrition when working from home

With many of us forced to work from home, or otherwise house-bound, I thought it would be useful to give you some tips on nutrition when working from home. I’m already fed up, in work and in life, of using the phrase

‘in the current climate’


‘with the current situation’

So I’m going to try and not use those phrases in this article.

However, as more of us are asked to work from home if at all possible, I thought it would be useful to give you some tips on nutrition when working from home.

Someone working from home, earlier

As some of you might know, I work from home most of the time anyway, so I’m well versed in the potential perils of being in close proximity to the fridge for your entire working day.

Here are 6 nutrition-related tips for working from home.

1. Have a designated working space.

This means a space where work, and only work, takes place.

This is obviously dependent on what space you have available, but working in areas which have other functions means that it’s very easy to slip into those functions instead of doing work.

For example – bed = sleep. Sofa = chill out and watch TV. Dinner table = eating.

Mindless eating is a huge danger when working from home, so set yourself up in a designated work space to avoid the temptation of eating instead of working.

This leads nicely to number two:

2. Eat at set times

Having a set schedule not only helps to keep you on task during your work day, but also avoids the danger of mindless snacking all day.

Have set meal (and/or snack) times, schedule them, and stick to them.

Be ‘at work’ outside of scheduled eating times.

As you all know, the number of meals doesn’t necessarily matter, as long as your overall calorie intake matches with your goals.

3. Make good options easy

Stocking your kitchen ahead of time (particularly now… avoid the phrase avoid the phrase) with foods that you know fit with your requirements in terms of calories, protein and micronutrients, means that those are the only options you have when you get hungry.

If foods that are easy to over-consume are your only options – then guess what, you will probably over consume them.

If those foods that are easy to over-consume do find their way into your house, make it more difficult for yourself to find them.

Create some sort of effort barrier – hide them, wrap them in foil at the back of the fridge, or even get somebody else to do these things so that you don’t know where they are!

4. Have a large bottle of water with you.

Hydration is important for general health, and for staying focused.

The larger the bottle, the less often you have to get up to refill it (in the kitchen, where the fridge is).

5. Get up and move

Set mini-breaks for yourself where you get up from your desk.

Sitting all day is no good for anyone, so use the lack of office colleagues to your advantage and move around – stretch, go for a walk, do a home workout, move.

Try to get outside for a walk if you can – you are still entitled to a lunch break, don’t feel like you have to be chained to your desk all day, so get your 10,000 steps in where you can.

6. Track your intake

This doesn’t have to mean measuring calories necessarily, but it is useful to have an idea of how much you are eating.

You could just track protein intake and total calories, or just total calories. Or you could make sure you have a protein source with every meal, fill half the plate with veggies, and go from there.

Hope those are useful.

Being economical with our food and avoiding overconsumption is really important with the current situation (damn it, I made it so far!)

I made an Instagram post on this that you can share, if you thought it was useful: https://www.instagram.com/p/B93taCYHsR4/?igshid=ef872vedyqyg

Stay safe, speak soon.


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