• Marcus Baxby

To Breakfast or Not to Breakfast

I type these blogs while I’m having breakfast, and it got me thinking about, well, breakfast.

We’ve practically had it rammed down our throats since birth that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’.

I have no idea how many people this is supposed to be for

But is this really the case? If you believe that it is, and then you don’t eat breakfast, then you are essentially starting the day with a nutritional failure.

This can have a knock on effect psychologically for the rest of the day.

‘oh I’m already on the wrong footing today, I might as well make poor food choices for the rest of the day too’.

However, the research simply doesn’t back up this well-worn dogma. Breakfast is an individual choice, so if you feel better eating it, do! And if you don’t, don’t! Intermittent Fasting isn’t magic either, it’s just a fancy term for skipping breakfast.

Again - some people feel better with Intermittent Fasting, others don’t!

Here’s some more detail for you:

*The Science Bit* In the Bath Breakfast study, the best study of its type, there was no effect on cardiovascular disease markers of breakfast consumption, and also no metabolic adaptation to breakfast.

So the idea that breakfast ‘kickstarts your metabolism’ is wrong.

In terms of fat loss, overall calorie intake is the overarching principle, therefore conscientious breakfast skipping (intermittent fasting) is an effective strategy if it helps to reduce calories.

However, if not having breakfast at home means you grab a croissant/pack of breakfast biscuits/McMuffin/mocha-choca-ya-ya-latte on your way into work (if you’re going to work at the moment), and therefore causes an increase in calorie consumption, then it might be better to stave off hunger by having a decent breakfast at home. Behaviour is key here! Finally, the research has shown that even when it comes to cognition and concentration, breakfast is NOT crucial, and again comes down to individual preference!

I don’t wish to sound like a Boris Johnson announcement.

‘Have breakfast, don’t have breakfast, fast, but eat, go to work, stay alert’, etc. and so on

Just have breakfast, or don’t. Up to you. It’s no more or less important than any other meal.


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